Well person checks are a specialised medical check-up, tailored to each patient which will provide you with a snap shot of you general health.  It is based on a physical examination as well as blood and other tests.

Each patient will receive a questionnaire investigating your past medical history, family history and habits prior to the appointment.

Each appointment will last 45 minutes and after discussing the questionnaire height weight and blood pressure is measured and urine is checked, as well as other appropriate examinations.  Blood tests are taken as appropriate for age, sex and medical and family history of the patient. The doctor will advise on a healthier lifestyle for you based on your questionnaire.  Blood tests can include a full blood count, kidney and liver blood tests, cholesterol, blood sugar, thyroid test, and a prostate blood test for men where appropriate.

Please fast for 12 hours before your appointment. You will receive a written summary of your visit with your blood results and advice after your visit.

If you are interested in attending for a well person check, please contact reception.